2020 Kia Soul – Affordable Sub-compact SUV with Advanced Technologies

2020 Kia Soul

The 2020 Kia Soul is a budget car that offers impressive fuel efficiency and comes equipped with latest safety technologies and driver-assistance systems. The sub-compact SUV is one of the best affordable cars available for purchase in the market, thanks to its redesigned exterior, comfortable interior and commendable performance. The all-new Kia Soul is a highly suitable vehicle for the young drivers or car buyers on a budget as it…

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2020 Honda Accord- Fuel-Efficient Modern-day Sedan

2020 Honda Accord

The all-new 2020 Honda Accord is a mid-sized sedan that has an outstanding performance without compromising on the safety of the occupants. The car’s fuel-efficiency is 16.4 km/l making it the ultimate choice among the best new affordable cars segment. This budget-friendly car boasts an athletic exterior that leaves an impression on the onlookers. The car’s exterior has well-proportioned curves to accentuate its sporty-stylish aura. The interior also contributes to…

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2020 Hyundai Tucson –Compact Budget SUV with Advanced Safety Features

2020 Hyundai Tucson

The new 2020 Hyundai Tucson is an efficient and dynamic compact SUV that belongs to the most affordable cars segment. The vehicle is an ideal candidate for SUV enthusiasts with a commanding presence and athletic appeal. The SUV’s exterior is sophisticated with a radiator grille, rear combination lamps, rear bumper, and redesigned headlamps. The interior, on the other hand, is a combination of comfort and innovation to assure a convenient…

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2020 Honda HR-V Modern Design and Cutting-Edge Technology

2020 Honda HR-V

The new 2020 Honda HR-V has spectacular features that are a combination of modern design and cutting-edge engineering adding to the range of nice affordable cars. It is a crossover with SUV, making its design sleek yet sporty as well. The car’s front fascia is stylish, and the back (including the tires) has a sporty rear. The exterior has a tailgate spoiler and sculpted line that give off the illusion…

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2020 Honda Civic – Compact Budget-friendly Sedan

2020 Honda Civic

The all-new 2020 Honda Civic is the perfect modern car that provides comfort, style, and a good driving experience making it one of the most affordable cars in the UAE. The car boasts of a good performance with a fuel-efficient engine that can do 20km/L making it a good option for those worried about the fluctuating fuel prices in the UAE. The car’s structure is sleek and stylish leaving a…

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