Best Used Cars in Dubai under AED 36K

Let’s be honest here, we all know that buying a new car in Dubai can be a bit daunting. Your options are expected to be very limited if you look at used cars in Dubai. But, if you have patience, you can actually get your hands on pretty amazing cars that are under AED36K. There are absolute gem cars that will make a great vehicle for you, regardless of the fact that they are used.

Most of these cars are going to be older cars, but they have the potential to be a best friend, and even if you buy a Ferrari in the future, these cars will still be the one you reach out for when you need a trusted ride that will never fail you.

Here are best used cars in Dubai under AED36K.

Honda Civic 2005 – The Best Used Car in Dubai

The 2005 model of this sedan is not that different from the relatively newer ones. You will have optimum comfort, perfectly smooth ride; the engine has 115 horsepower, 27mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway. Plus, the structure and design of this car are all about smooth lines and beautiful curves. What’s even better? You can easily get your hands on this car under AED 11500.

Honda Civic 2005

Infiniti G35x 2006 –From the Bold Used Cars in Dubai

Did you know there was a time when this was an extremely expensive car? Nevertheless, UAE car prices changed and this car became an affordable sedan. It’s old design makes very attractive, but that is not its only selling point. The 2006 model of Infiniti G35x is very fast, the 3.5L engine has 280 horsepower and 6 cylinders. This sedan will be available in Dubai and the UAE area around AED 19K.

Infiniti G35 Sedan

Toyota Sienna 2006 – Minivan Perfection for Family

This is the perfect family ride, especially if you have a big family. This ride can seat up to 7 passengers, 5-speed auto transmission, 230 horsepower, V6 engine and mileage of 26mpg on highway and 19mpg in the city. This is perhaps one of the safest used cars in Dubai that can you find for your family. You get this car for under AED 19K easily.

2006 Toyota Sienna

Ford Crown Victoria 2007 – Spacious and Stylish Pride Ride

The Ford Crown Victoria is almost a vintage car; it has style and a design that are associated with quality Ford cars. Ford car prices in Dubai are generally high, but not for this model. This sedan has a very large and spacious interior, 4.6L 8 cylinder engine gives it a horsepower of 224 and easily accommodate 6 passengers. You can buy it for AED 3691 or under.

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Escape 2007 – Cheap, Efficient and Perfect for City Dwellers

Dubai traffic is hard, especially during rush hours. Ford Escape is especially at such times. This good looking SUV is very spacious; it has a 153 horsepower, seats 5 passengers, and has a mileage of 24mpg in the city and 29mpg on the highway. In short, it is a pretty cool SUV that has style and can be bought under AED 15K.

2007 Ford Escape

These cars are exceptionally good for people living in main Dubai area. Finding reliable used cars in Dubai can be a little difficult, but if you know what you want, you can easily manage it. All of these cars are judged on their efficiency and their performance. If you purchase any of these used cars in Dubai, you will not be disappointed.